Contract Printing

10:9 Design LLC is proud to offer Contract Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Banner Printing services to clients that are in the resale and product distribution industry. Our competitive pricing structure and fast turn-around make 10:9 Design LLC an excellent choice for your Contract Decorator needs. Qualifying is simple. Simply read through the policies below and fill out the application. From there we will follow up with further instructions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

To qualify for Contract Screen Printing Services the following criteria must be met:

  • Business License or DBA
  • State Resale Certificate
  • $10,000 in Total Annual Sales with 10:9 Design LLC (Average $833.00/month)*
  • UPS Shipping Account

*New contract screen printing accounts will be monitored monthly for the first year. If an account has not met 1 month sales requirements ($833.00) within the first 3 months client could be moved to retail pricing.


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All orders must be placed on a unified Purchase Order, Electronic Purchase Order or through the contract website. Broken or incomplete orders will not be accepted through multiple emails.


  • A Purchase Order is considered the final order placement. No changes will be accepted once a Purchase order has been submitted. If changes are needed to a submitted Purchase Order the order will be cancelled and rescheduled once the updated Purchase Order is submitted.
  • Purchase orders MUST be complete and accurate per provided price sheets or prior quoted information.
  • Purchase orders that are not complete will be rejected and must be resubmitted with correct information.
  • To be considered complete and ready for scheduling the following MUST be included with the Purchase Order. Any missing information will create a delay in your order:
    • PO Number/Job Name
    • In-Hands Date (make sure to add transit time to production timeline).
    • Ship Blind
    • Garments Provided or Sourced
    • Decoration Method
    • Description
    • Billing/Shipping Address
    • UPS Shipper number (if order is being shipped)
    • Garment Style, Color and Sizes
    • Print pricing based on price sheets
    • Ink color(s)
    • Print ready artwork
  • Incorrect pricing on a Purchase Order will be adjusted at invoicing and must be approved before the job is scheduled for production.
  • Items not listed on our website must be quoted prior to order and must be included on the final Purchase Order.
  • Orders received by 12:00 pm (business days only) will be considered DAY 1 in the order timeline.
  • Orders received after 12:00 pm or outside of business hours will have the following business day marked as DAY 1 in the order timeline.
  • Delays in production or delivery due to inaccurate or missing information or inbound/outbound shipping will not be the fault of 10:9 Design LLC.


  • To place an order through the website for Provided Garments, use item number “Dropship” and complete your order as usual. The associated fee with this item will be discounted to $0 during the checkout process.
  • Orders placed on the website that need a White under-base will see a price adjustment made on final invoice per print location. Printing on dark garments requires White as a print color. If artwork does not have White as a color, then it still must be printed to base all other colors. This added color will be billed at invoicing.
  • To place an order on the website for Client Provided Garments, use item number “Dropship” and complete your order as usual. The associated fee with this item will be discounted to $0 during the checkout process.


  • There 2 options for Garments with Textile Decoration.
  • Client provided: This gives you exact cost and ultimately lowers your product cost.
    • Direct Drop-Ship
    • Client Delivered
  • 10:9 Design LLC Provided: All garments sourced by 10:9 Design LLC will have a cost added to account for QC, Counting, Staging, and Spoilage margins.
  • WHOLESALE DEFECTS: 10:9 Design LLC is a Textile DECORATOR. We do not produce the garments that are used in printing. We utilize the services of wholesalers to obtain goods for decoration. Garments with defects that are caught will be reported to the client or appropriate vendor before printing occurs. However, if wholesale defects are overlooked we will not be held responsible. Wholesale defects include but are not limited to the following:
  • Holes in garments
  • Un-hemmed seams
  • Crooked Seams
  • Color variations
  • Color anomalies in Heather/Antiqued garments
  • Stains not related to screen printing or embroidery
  • Direct Drop-Ship
  • Client Delivered
  • Please see policies on QUALITY CONTROL/SPOILAGE for a full description on how we handle issues in printing as well as garment cost sharing.


  • Basic Proofs from Print Ready Artwork: Free
  • Digitizing 4×4: $25.00
  • Digitizing Large Format: $30.00 & up
  • Tweaks to Print Ready Artwork: $25.00 (must provide AI or PS file and fonts used in design)
  • Graphic Design Services: $35.00/hour with a minimum of 2 hours billed.
  • Illustration/Hand Drawn Services: $50.00/hour with a minimum of 2 hours billed.
  • Make Ready: $25.00-$50.00 Artwork that has gradients or requires halftone printing will be required to go through Make Ready. Spot process/Simulated Spot Process pricing grids already have this included in pricing grid.


  • Contract clients must provide Print Ready Artwork to avoid artwork fees.
  • All artwork must be received with the completed Purchase Order.
  • High resolution PNG or SVG files must be used on Web Orders.
  • We do not print copyrighted material. Make sure your artwork is your own. A signed statement of release for copyright infringement is required from all contract clients. Any accounts caught submitting copyrighted artwork will be reviewed and could be revoked at our discretion.
  • Allow 1-3 business days for proofs on Standard Production Orders
  • Allow 24 hours for proofs on Rush Orders
  • Orders will be proofed and printed EXACTLY AS THEY ARE SUBMITTED. You are responsible for any errors in your provided artwork. 10:9 Design LLC will not be responsible for any of the following in regards to provided artwork:misprints from your provided artwork. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Copyright Infringement – DON’T DO THIS
    • Spelling errors
    • Centering issues
    • Distressing elements
  • All print sizes are industry standard. Artwork should be submitted at 300ppi AT PRINT SIZE. See artwork guidelines for exact specifications.


  • Digital vs. Tangible: Computer monitors display colors differently. If exact colors are required, then Pantone codes must be provided and will be noted on proofs. Without Pantone codes, we will not be held responsible for color discrepancies between on-screen colors and finished product colors.
  • Garment Colors
    • Garment colors can vary greatly across styles and brands. Navy in 1 brand will not be the exact same color as Navy in another brand. 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for shade variations when printing on different brands within the same order.
    • Certain brands, such as Comfort Colors, may see a wide variance in shades even in the same order. This is due to the garment dye process and should be considered completely normal. 10:9 Design LLC will not warranty against color discrepancies in these styles of garments.
    • Printing the same design on multiple garment colors can yield variations in final print colors. 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for color variations that occur when printing on multiple garment colors, even if a Pantone code is provided.
  • Decoration Methods: Colors from different decorating methods will most likely have shade variations. ie. Screen printing ink and vinyl colors are produced by different manufacturers and will not match exactly. We do our best to match as closely as possible but certain color characteristics, especially in primary colors, do not tint well for achieving different shades.
  • Screen Printing Ink Colors
    • STOCK COLORS: No Charge
      • To avoid custom ink fees please use a stock color both in designing and printing. All other colors will be subject to a custom ink mixing fee.
      • 10:9 Design LLC has identified 46 of the most popular colors and have labeled them as STOCK COLORS. Ask us for a color sheet and we will provide one in your next order free of charge
      • Colors must be selected as STOCK or CUSTOM on the Purchase Order or Web Order. If a stock color isn’t selected, then we will assume that you want a custom color and we will bill accordingly.
    • CUSTOM INK COLORS: $10.00/Color
      • Custom ink colors must be mixed according to specific formulas. Formulas are based on a system called PANTONE. Orders that require exact colors must be placed with appropriate Pantone Codes.
      • Pantone mixed ink is only 100% accurate in the mixing container. Final color may have slight color variations based on garment type, color and white ink under base. 100% accuracy on the garment is not possible in screen printing.
    • Embroidery Thread
      • Due to the high number of color options with slight shade variations, no color “Names” will be accepted. All embroidery orders must be accompanied by an Isacord thread color code.
      • Thread color guides can be purchased online or through 10:9 Design LLC for $25.00 each.
    • Foil
      • Foil orders will be printed as noted on the Purchase Order regardless of perceived foil color. If you have a question about final appearance, please ask prior to placing your order.
      • Foil books can be ordered with a 3-4-week lead time for $35.00.
      • Custom foil colors will be ordered as needed but require additional production time.
    • Banner/Billboard
      • All artwork must be created and submitted in CMYK.
      • For colors to be exact Process Pantone Codes from CMYK are required.
      • Spot color Pantone codes will not be 100% accurate.
      • Colors will display differently on various materials ie: Mesh material vs Banner material.
    • Promotional Items
      • Process Printing Orders require all artwork to be done in CMYK.
      • Spot Colors require Pantone Codes.


Please note that production timelines do not include shipping transit times. Production is the amount of time it takes us to procure your order, send proofs, stage, print and make ready for shipping. Transit times are in addition to production times.


  • Standard Production: 6-8 business days
  • Rush Production: 4-5 business days with a 15% upcharge (minimum of $50.00)
  • Super Rush Production: 2-3 business days with a 25% upcharge (minimum of $100.00)


  • Standard Production: 5-7 business days
  • Rush Production: 4-5 business days with a 15% upcharge
  • Super Rush Production: 1-3 business days with a 25% upcharge


  • Standard Production: 7-10 business days
  • Rush Production: 25% upcharge and only available upon approval.


  • Timelines are based on manufacturer lead times. 10:9 Design LLC does not control nor, can we adjust these turn-times.
  • Rush services only available on certain products.


  • Rush services must be requested at order submission.
  • Rush orders are only accepted when production capabilities permit.
  • Once and order is placed it can not be upgraded to rush status.
  • Rush orders are 100% deadline driven. 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for artwork, printing, or garment defects of any kind on Rush orders.


  • Contract clients must provide UPS Shipper Account number for outbound shipping.
  • Blind drop-shipping is available BUT MUST BE REQUESTED ON THE PURCHASE ORDER or WEB ORDER.
  • We do not offer shipping on bulk orders through FedEX or USPS.
  • Expedited shipping, if needed, must be noted on the Purchase Order or Web Order.
  • Local deliveries will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee.
  • Rush services must be requested at order submission.
  • Rush orders are only accepted when production capabilities permit.
  • Expedited shipping is available to help meet deadlines. It is our responsibility to get your order to the carrier by their deadline. Once a Rush order leaves our hands, we will not be responsible for transit delays or added cost of expedited shipping.


  • 10:9 Design LLC will extend Net15 or Net30 terms upon prior approval.
  • Late fees will be added to any outstanding invoice the day after it is due and will accrue at $10.00 per billing cycle
  • Invoices not paid in full within 90 days will be sent to collections.
  • One late payment will result in suspension of Net Terms and require payment before order is delivered.


Artwork should be sized to the following standardized print specifications

  • Screen Printing
    • Full Front or Full Back Prints: 12″ W x 12″ T (Standard print size)
    • Hoodie: 12” W x 10” T
    • Left/Right Chest Print: 3.5″ x 3.5″
    • On Pocket: 2.75″ x 2.75″ (Maximum 4 Colors)
    • Sleeve (Short): 3.5″ x 3.5″
    • Sleeve (Long): 3″ x 16″ (Maximum 2 Colors)
    • Leg Print: 4″ x 16″
    • Standard Bags: 6.” W x 6” T
    • Maximum Print Area: 15” W x 19” T
  • Embroidery
    • Full Hat Crown: 4” W x 2” T
    • Left Crown: 2” W x 2” T
    • Polo: 3.5” W x 3.5” T (Client Requirements must be taken into consideration)
    • Hat Back: 1” W x 1” T
    • Maximum Sew Area 10.5”W x 10.5”T
  • Artwork should be a minimum of 300 dpi CMYK
    • Purchase Order File Types:
      • Photoshop (CS3)
      • Illustrator (CS3)
      • PDF
    • Website File Types:
      • 300 dpi PNG file
      • Image must be on a transparent background


  • Use the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile.
  • Please assign PMS numbers to your colors.
  • Bitmap artwork should be saved as a flattened LZW compressed TIFF file.
  • Vector artwork should be saved as Illustrator .AI or .EPS version 8 or above.
  • Rasterize or convert to outline all fonts.
  • Macintosh users should include file extensions (.tiff etc) when saving artwork.
  • Billboards set up at 1”=1’ at 300 dpi with the exception of 14×48 billboard use 200 dpi.
  • For large banners set up at 1”=1’ at 600 dpi or at full size at 75 dpi.
  • We print in CMYK, blacks should be set up at 75%C 75%M 75%Y and 100%K.
  • Banners should be set with 1” Margin and 4” Bleed



Print-Ready is a term used to describe a file that has all the specifications necessary to produce high-resolution printed output, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention. In other words, a commercial printer can use the file “as submitted” to successfully create the desired print materials.

Common factors that prevent a layout file from being Print-Ready include…

  • Document sized improperly.
  • Colors set to RGB instead of CMYK.
  • Spot colors not properly defined.
  • Not allowing ample margins (putting information or borders closer than 1/4” from any trimmed edge).
  • Resolution not high enough (should be minimum 300 dpi at 100% size).
  • Bleeds not set up correctly (artwork should extend at least 1/8” past crop marks).
  • Crop marks missing or incorrectly placed.
  • Missing fonts or images.
  • Poor contrast between text and background.
  • Spelling and grammar errors.

The File Type is also Important… The type of file you submit is also an important factor in determining whether a commercial printer can successfully print your layout. For example, high-resolution Adobe PDF files are universally accepted (and preferred) by commercial printers. Layout files created with other Adobe products – such as InDesign, Illustrator or PhotoShop – also have widespread acceptance, as do QuarkXpress files. EPS and TIF files are also usually good formats for commercial printing.

Conversely, files created with Microsoft programs – such as Word, Publisher or PowerPoint – often require some intervention and conversion to make them Print-Ready. The same holds true for many other popular software programs, especially “non-professional” versions of desktop publishing packages. The file may output to your desktop printer just fine, but these types of software are rarely well-suited for output on a commercial printing press. When in doubt, give us a call at 800-603-9150 and we will help cover any requirements that may not be clear.



10:9 Design LLC has determined that the following Spoilage Rates are in effect.

  • 2% on Basic Screen Printing on light garments (No underbase).
  • 2% on Embroidery
  • 3% on Screen Printing that includes: Dark Garments, Glitter, Shimmer, Metallic, Process & Simulated Spot Process
  • 5% on Foil Printing

There are 2 ways to approach Spoilage on orders.

  1. Your purchase order is for 100 shirts and the final order to your client must have 100 shirts. As the Contract Client you must provide shirts in excess of your order to cover spoilage. This means we must receive 103 shirts.
  2. Your purchase order is for 100 shirts and your client does not require exact final quantities. As the client you may provide 100 shirts. Any issues that are within the spoilage rate would see a credit for the print only. Any issues outside of the spoilage rate would see a credit for garment + print cost.

10:9 DESIGN LLC limits its liability per item sewn or printed to $40.00.

10:9 DESIGN LLC will issue a credit on all verified 10:9 DESIGN LLC At-Fault spoilage over the determined spoilage rates, however, no credit will be given under any circumstance for errors within the spoilage allowance.

All orders by this definition are allowed one piece of spoilage (even an order of one).

Credit will be issued for over Spoilage Amount of the following 10:9 DESIGN LLC At Fault Spoilage Only:

  1. Logo sewn or printed in wrong location. Approved proof will be used as reference. Client is required to check proofing for accuracy.
  2. Logo sewn or printed in wrong color. Approved proof will be used as reference. Client is required to check proofing for accuracy.
  3. Wrong Logo sewn or printed. Approved proof will be used as reference. Client is required to check proofing for accuracy.
  4. Garments that become soiled at 10:9 DESIGN LLC. Note does not include garments that arrive damaged.
  5. Sewn Logo that was Digitized by 10:9 DESIGN LLC. Embroidery quality not equal to approved sew-out or within “industry standards”. Judgement is sole discretion of 10:9 DESIGN LLC. To receive a credit for poor quality embroidery 10:9 DESIGN LLC must re-sew the job with exact original instructions on the exact original color and style of garments.
  6. Crooked or off-center prints if the issue is related to our process. Crooked seams on provided garments can cause mis-loads which result in crooked prints. This is a vendor/mill issue and not a decoration issue.

Please remember that 10:9 DESIGN LLC is your Contract Embroiderer & Screen Printer and that there are always other vendors involved in the successful completion of your orders. 10:9 DESIGN LLC WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS RESULTING FROM YOUR OTHER VENDORS’ INABILITIES TO PERFORM.

10:9 DESIGN LLC is not at fault and will not issue credits for the following:

  1. RUSH ORDERS. Due to the truncated timeline and lack of time to deal with issues, spoilage rates do not apply to rush orders. Rush orders are billed and delivered as they are printed.
  2. Wrong garments/quantities sent. 10:9 DESIGN LLC does not make a garment for garment count on orders that are drop shipped directly to us. Drop shipped garments are pulled from boxes, staged, printed and put back in the box. However, we do our best to protect you against the errors of your garment vendors. By checking your sourced garments 10:9 DESIGN LLC is in no way taking on the responsibility for your other vendor’s errors. If your other vendor had not initially made the error no error would have occurred. You must hold your other vendors accountable for these errors.
  3. Holes, dirt or other damage already on the garments when they arrived at 10:9 DESIGN LLC. We will obviously notify the client if we discover the damage, but we do not inspect the garments for such damage.
  4. Crooked seams/unevenly sewn garments can and do cause crooked and off-centered prints. While we do our best to catch these issues, they are a vendor/mill problem. Should an order appear to have crooked or mis-aligned prints the shirts must be inspected on a body. This is your responsibility. Should garments be returned that were not properly inspected and found to be within specifications, all items will be returned, and client billed for shipping. The acceptable tolerance for crooked or off-center prints is ¼ inch.
  5. 10:9 DESIGN LLC is not responsible for poor quality embroidery caused by digitizing from another source. 10:9 DESIGN LLC strongly recommends ordering a Pre-Production Embroidery Sample on the exact garment for approval prior to using a file from an outside source. This is especially true when being sewn at 10:9 DESIGN LLC for the first time or on a different material, as all materials sew differently.
  6. 10:9 DESIGN LLC is not responsible for any error resulting from not following verbal ALL INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE IN WRITING. For your protection all changes to orders must be dealt with by resubmitting the order with corrected instructions. We use all instructions as written on your Purchase Order.
  7. 10:9 DESIGN LLC is not be responsible for shipping related issues. We ship on behalf of you – our customer. Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground billed directly to your account. If you have a different preferred shipping method, it must be specified on each Purchase Order and will require third party billing. 10:9 DESIGN LLC will provide proof of shipment and once the package leaves the building all responsibility reverts to you and the shipper. If you do not elect Insurance on your packages, you will be paid whatever we receive from filing the claim with the shipper. Many of these shippers including UPS will not pay more than $100.00 per box or shipment.

In all 10:9 DESIGN LLC at fault spoilage situations – please follow the following steps to receive Credit.

  1. All spoiled garments must be returned to 10:9 DESIGN LLC. 10:9 DESIGN LLC will provide its UPS # for the return of the garments. No credit will be issued until 10:9 DESIGN LLC has receipt of the garments.
  2. A copy of the vendor invoice for the spoiled items must be provided to 10:9 DESIGN LLC.
  3. Upon receipt of the spoiled garments and the vendor invoice 10:9 DESIGN LLC will issue a credit memo equaling the cost of each item (Max $40 ea) spoiled in excess of the allowable Spoilage Rate and the cost of Ground Shipping only.
  4. If 10:9 DESIGN LLC releases the garments to be sold to the buyer at a discount all proceeds from the sale must first be applied to 10:9 DESIGN LLC’s Credit Memo amount. If full credit is issued for spoiled garments 10:9 DESIGN LLC reserves the right to offer the spoiled garments for sale to cover our loses. All Spoilage and Invoice Discrepancies must be reported within 14 days of completion on order.



10:9 DESIGN LLC offers a pre-production guarantee to help insure that misprints and other printing issues are kept to a minimum. We maintain that for every order that goes into production in our facility we will produce th following pre-production test runs before going into production on client provided garments.

EMBROIDERY: 2 production samples

SCREEN PRINTING: 6 production samples at minimum.

In addition, when going into final production, adult sizes S-XL are the first on press in order to eliminate any early production issues. We leave the extended and youth size garments as last because these garments have a higher cost. This is an effort to cut down on misprints on higher priced garments. These steps are in place to protect both 10:9 DESIGN LLC and the Client.

  • Step 1 – Sales Department: Order received through Purchase Order or Web Order:
    • Order is checked for accuracy and completeness.
    • Accepted or Rejected.
  • Step 2 – Sales Department: Invoicing.
    • Invoicing generally occurs the same day.
    • Order is sent to Art Department.
  • Step 3 – Art Department: Proofing.
    • The art department will use your provided artwork to generate proofs.
    • Please allow 24 hours for Rush orders and up to 3 business days on standard orders.
    • Order is sent back to Sales Dept for final inspection and then forward to client.
  • Step 4 – Client Approval. ORDER ON HOLD!
    • No order will move into production without final approval.
    • Please make sure you are checking your email regularly for approval emails.
    • Do not approve orders until your invoice is correct and artwork has been added. This single approval is final, and your order will be printed exactly as it appears on the invoice.
  • Step 5 – Screen Department.
    • Artwork is prepped for screen and staged for production.
  • Step 6 – Production Department.
    • You will receive an email once your order is complete and ready to pick up or ship.
    • All orders will be available for pick up or shipping after 5:00 pm on the day they are due.
    • Orders will not be available before 5:00 pm unless you have received an order complete email.
    • If an order is due early in the day, then the in-hands date must be set the day before. Please watch this for Rush situations!

All local deliveries will be made after production is complete. We do not offer mid-day deliveries.