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    • Decoration: Custom Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl Application, Digital Transfers, Dye Sublimation
    • Organizations: Businesses, Non-Profits, School Districts, Universities
    • Carriers: UPS, FedEX, USPS
    • Business days and hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
    • Client: Client

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    • Placing an order: There are 4 options for placing an order with 10:9 Design LLC
    • 10:9 Design LLC WILL NOT take email after email of orders and add-ons. This creates errors and keeps us from keeping deadlines.
    • Clients that refuse to submit orders in one of the above mentioned processes will see delays in printing, possible errors and higher printing fees.
    • 10:9 Design LLC WILL NOT be responsible for orders that are sent in through email nor will we be responsible for missed garments, printing defects or misprints. We have put this process in place to insure quality client service. Any missed garments or misprints on these orders will be the responsibility of the client.
    • Once a final order is placed and proofs are supplied changes and/or additions CAN NOT be made.
    • Order Additions: Screen printing quantity prices are based on a single set up and print of client’s design without delays or breaks in production. Order additions and design changes create delays and often times create breaks in the printing process. To keep prices at the best possible rate we can not allow changes in an order beyond a certain point. Please see the following guidelines for making changes to your order once it is submitted.
      • To keep from acquiring additional fees:
        • Additions to orders must be made before proofs are supplied.
        • Orders that require proofs before the order will not be allowed changes without fees.
      • The following Additions or changes will be subject to fees.
        • Additions or changes that come after proofs are supplied.
        • Additions given after garments are delivered.
        • Fees will either be an added set-up fee or quantity break depending on the number of items added.

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    • General Payment Policies: 10:9 Design LLC accepts Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and all payment options that are offered through PayPal. There will be a $35.00 fee accessed on all returned checks.
    • New Local Clients: A minimum 60% down payment will be required before services begin or garments are ordered with remainder due immediately upon delivery.
    • Repeat Local Clients: 10:9 Design LLC will process and print your order with no money upfront. Client must have a good payment history with no returned checks or charge reversals. Full payment is due before garments will be delivered.
    • Organizations: 10:9 Design LLC can extend Net15 and Net30 terms to certain organizations. Prior approval must be given and 10:9 Design LLC must have a copy of all applicable business licenses, tax forms and accounts payable contact information on file. Accounts that extend beyond Net15 or Net30 deadlines will be subject to a 5% late fee and cancellation of all Net terms.
    • Online, eBay and Out of Town Clients: Full upfront payment required before any services begin or garments are ordered.
    • Wholesale and Drop-ship Clients: Full upfront payment before any garments are ordered.

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    • 10:9 Design LLC ships to the Continental United States only. Carrier is determined based on weight, shipping cost, and transit times.
    • All orders placed on regular business days before 12:00pm Central Standard Time are processed the same day.
    • Wholesale, blank garment and drop-ship orders require 3 business days for handling.
    • Screen printing orders generally ship within 7-10 business days.
    • Expedited shipping is available but must be discussed before an order is placed. Once an order is placed and a deadline is agreed upon, clients cannot upgrade to rush printing or expedited shipping. If a deadline is missed due to 10:9 Design LLC error, appropriate expedited services will be covered by 10:9 Design LLC in an effort to meet client deadline.
    • Transit times posted by carriers are estimates and 10:9 Design LLC will not be held liable for shipments that arrive outside of posted delivery dates. 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for packages that arrive late due to carrier accidents or transit delays due to weather or any other issues. Client will release all liability from 10:9 Design LLC for missed deadlines because of shipping issues. Client must file a claim with the carrier to seek any retribution.
    • 10:9 Design LLC and its suppliers will ship blind when possible upon request.
    • Tracking numbers will be provided to client on all shipments.

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    • Decoration Orders
      • Order Total $0-$100: $10.00
      • Order Total $101-$200: $15.00
      • Order Total $201-$300: $20.00
      • Order Total Over $300: Based on weight and package dimensions
    • Wholesale, Drop-Ship, and General Blank Garment Orders
      • $0-$199: Based on weight and package dimensions
      • Over $200: Free Ground Shipping*

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    • 10:9 Design LLC will deliver inside the city limits of Abilene for a small fee.
    • Deadlines given on local pickup or delivery orders will be ready by the end of business on the deadline date. If you need your order during the day please call to see if the order is complete.
    • Clients needing their shirts earlier in the day MUST set your deadline 1 day earlier. 10:9 Design LLC cannot guarantee decoration completion by specific times.

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    • 10:9 Design LLC has many pricing structures in place for B2B Wholesale clients.
    • Qualifying reseller and drop-ship clients may set up a credit card account with 10:9 Design LLC and receive discounted pre-tax prices.
    • Per order minimums are in place and differ depending on garments/services needed.
    • Wholesale and drop-ship clients will be required to provide a copy of all state and federal tax documents, a business license, and recent copy of a utility bill with company name, owner name and address.
    • If client is unable or unwilling to submit these items 10:9 Design LLC will not engage in B2B trades with said client. 

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    • All orders received by retail clients must be shipped to the Billing Address that is on the credit card.
    • 10:9 Design LLC will not ship to any address that is not on the credit card being used to secure the order.
    • 10:9 Design LLC will not hold orders at our location of business while client arranges shipping to a 3rd party location.
    • Clients that need items shipped to a 3rd party address must fill out an application for a reseller/drop-ship account and submit the required documents.

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RETURNS/WARRANTY:It is important to understand that the custom decoration process is exactly that…CUSTOM. While we do our very best to insure perfection on every single order, there are instances where the finished product does not meet client expectations for one reason or another. Processes like screen printing and embroidery are greatly effected by the items that are being decorated. The outcome of a finished product can be greatly effected by things such as material make up, material density, complexity of decoration, crooked seams, etc. 10:9 Design LLC will warranty items that are inside of our in-house process. If there is a blatant error caused by the decoration process then we stand behind both garment and decoration. However, please remember that we are printers and embroiderers. We do not manufacture the actual items being decorated. While we source these items and take partial responsibility for their quality, we can only go so far as to cover costs incurred in procurement of these items. Issues like small holes at seams or seams coming un-sewn may not be covered under damage claims and we will inspect any issues that arise with this in mind. Because this is such a vast industry we simply can not have a black and white answer for every instance that may arise, which is why we reserve the right to determine the proper solution on any given issue. Please read and fully understand every statement below. We will refer to these policies when dealing with Damage Claims.

      • Due to the nature of custom orders, we do not issue full refunds. If the issue is found to be our error, we will either issue a partial refund to cover the issue at hand or do a complete reprint.
      • All orders received from 10:9 Design LLC must be inspected within 3 business days of receipt. If there is an issue with an order and the client fails to notify 10:9 Design LLC within 3 business days receipt, no action to correct the problem will be taken.
      • All spelling errors on artwork are your responsibility. We send proofs for final approval before going into production. If we receive a Final Approval with spelling errors we will take no action on a claim.
      • All items must be returned for inspection before any action will be taken. Buyer is responsible for all shipping on returns.
      • 10:9 Design LLC will not be responsible for garment color variations across different styles or brands.
      • No warranty/returns/reprints will be granted for garments/items provided by the client.
      • Defective garments (crooked seams, torn seams, etc). Partial garment to cover cost of garment may be given.
      • Crooked prints must be off by more than 1/4″. All shirts that appear to be crooked must be inspected on a body. Please try on any garments that appears crooked before filing a claim. We will take measurements upon return to determine how far off or crooked a print may be.
      • Correct laundering of custom items is very important for longevity. We can generally tell if items have gone through a severe laundering process and will void any claims for replacement.
      • Damage claims will not cover the following items:
        • Color discrepancies in artwork if exact Pantone Codes were not provided.
        • Client provided garments.
        • If we advise against a certain process and then asked to produce anyways.
        • Rush & Super Rush orders regardless of the issue.

    RETURN/WARRANTY PROCEDURES: If you have an issue with an order that was received by 10:9 Design LLC, the following procedures must be followed.

    • Fill out DAMAGE CLAIM FORM. All damage claims will not be accepted without this form being filled out.
    • Return all items to our location. 10:9 Design LLC will not make a final determination of Damage Claim until all items are in our posession regardless of any deadlines that the client may have.
    • Once we have BOTH the DAMAGE CLAIM FORM and RETURNED ITEMS we will inspect your items to determine what, if anything, will be done.
    • We will contact you to let you know the outcome of our review.

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    • 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for any portion of an order where the client supplies the garments. This includes the garment and the print.
    • If we do not supply the garment we will not warranty it.
    • No refunds of any kind will be given on orders where client supplies garments.

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    • All artwork submitted to 10:9 Design LLC for estimating purposes will be deleted upon estimate submission.
    • Client must submit final artwork images and/or comprehensive artwork description with a completed order. Delays in receiving artwork will result in a delay on processing and printing.
    • 10:9 Design LLC will not accept random emails containing artwork for orders nor will we sort through past emails searching for artwork.
    • 10:9 Design LLC does not print any lewd or off-color designs. This includes designs containing profanity, pornography, racism, sexual innuendo, suggestive material or harassment.
    • All client-submitted images must be the property of the client. 10:9 Design LLC will not print copyrighted material. 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible for printing copyrighted material that the client falsely portrayed to own.
    • All artwork should be sized to print specifications
      • Full Front or Full Back Prints: 12″ x 12″ (Standard print size)
      • Left/Right Chest Print: 4″ x 4″
      • On Pocket: 3″ x 2.5″
      • Sleeve (Short): 3.5″ x 3.5″
      • Sleeve (Long): 3″ x 16″
      • Leg Print: 4″ x 16″
    • Team Apparel & Vinyl Deocration
      • Standard sizes
        • Names: 2″ Tall by no wider than 12″
        • Numbers: 6″ Tall
        • *** 8″ & 10″ Numbers available upon request and for additional cost. ***
    • Submitted artwork should be a minimum of 300 dpi CMYK
    • Accepted File Formats:
      • Photoshop (CS3)
      • Illustrator (CS3)
      • Corel Draw X5
      • PDF
      • JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
    • Proofs from Print Ready Artwork are free.
    • Changes made to supplied artwork will incur an artwork fee.
    • Custom designs may incur an artwork fee depending on number of colors and complexity of the design.

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    • Colors displayed on proofs are representational and are not 100% accurate. All monitors render colors differently.
    • Garment colors can vary greatly across styles and brands. We can not guarantee exact garment color matches for different styles or brands.
    • Colors from different decorating methods will most likely have shade variations. ie. Screen printing ink and vinyl colors are produced by different manufacturers and do not match exactly. We do our best to match as closely as possible but certain color characteristics, especially in primary colors, do not tint well for achieving different shades.
    • 10:9 Design LLC does offer Pantone ink matching for an additional fee. Fee is based on number of colors in the design and amount of ink needed.
    • 10:9 Design LLC will mix ink in-house and guarantee accuracy to 90%.
    • Without an exact Pantone code and added ink fees we will not be held responsible for color discrepancies between on-screen colors and actual print colors.

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      • It is the goal of 10:9 Design LLC to keep artwork fees to a minimum. The following policies are in place for the most common situations.
        • Artwork Proof Submitted to client before order is placed:
          • $25.00 minimum per proof.
          • Upon placing a custom decoration order, 10:9 Design LLC will refund the price of 1 proof. Not to exceed $25.00. If multiple proofs are provided only the value of a single proof will be refundable.
        • Artwork Proof Submitted to client after order is placed and paid for:
          • First proof free.
          • $25.00 minimum per additional proof (additional proofs are non-refundable)
        • To receive a free proof client must place and pay for an order based on the following criteria:
          • New Clients: Minimum 60% of entire order paid up front.
          • Online/eBay/Out of town clients: 100% upfront payment.
          • Repeat clients: No upfront payment as long as account is in good standing.
          • Organizations: No upfront payment as long as account is in good standing.
      • One-On-One Design Time:
        • Clients are more than welcome to schedule one-on-one time with a graphic designer.
        • One-on-one time will be billed at $25.00/hour and is non-refundable.
        • Client will receive 1 set of proofs as part of the One-on-one design time. If changes to artwork are requested then each additional set of proofs will be billed at $25.00 each.
        • One-on-one design time is not included in free artwork proofs.
        • All final artwork can be purchased in desired file formats once final artwork is approved.
        • All artwork belongs to 10:9 Design LLC unless specifically purchased for printing with another company.


      • Artwork for Contract Labor clients must be print ready to avoid design fees.
      • Low resolution artwork and custom designs will be billed at $25.00 per design.
      • For a complete description regarding artwork requirements please contact us.


    • Clients should be prepared to give a full and detailed description to avoid as many artwork fees as possible.
    • 10:9 Design LLC employs designers of the highest caliber. Design fees without an order will not be refunded under any circumstance.
    • Embroidery digitizing fee: Starting at $35.00 (this fee is non-refundable) 

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    • 10:9 Design LLC retains 100% ownership on all custom artwork & FREE proofs submitted to client. Client must (1) purchase the artwork directly from 10:9 Design LLC or (2) request written permission to use the artwork should they decide to contract through a different printer. Use of owned artwork without permission is direct copyright infringement. 10:9 Design LLC will seek legal counsel against any persons for copyright infringement.
    • All original artwork submitted to 10:9 Design LLC is the property of the client. All files generated internally for production purposes become the property of 10:9 Design LLC.
    • All artwork submitted to 10:9 Design LLC is protected by Copyright and will not be used for any other client. Client can rest assured that 10:9 Design LLC will not sell or print their artwork for another client without expressed written permission.
    • Digitized files for embroidery are the sole property of 10:9 Design LLC and will not be released for any reason.
    • Custom artwork that is paid for by the client becomes the property of the client.

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      • All artwork sizing & placement on garments is based on current industry standards.
      • Placement of artwork on specialty items, such as hoodies, can be very relative to client desires. Hoods will hinder the overall view of artwork printed on the back. Moving artwork down below the hood places the artwork in an awkward position especially when dealing with youth sized garments and will only be done when specifically requested.
      • Special requests for artwork placement will be accepted at clients expense. If you are not satisfied with a custom placement, 10:9 Design LLC will not be held responsible and any reprints will be at clients expense.
      • 10:9 Design LLC makes use of a very tedious process to ensure that order numbers are correct, garment flaws are at a minimum, and printing errors are eliminated.
      • 10:9 Design LLC maintains that for every order there should be no more than a 1-3% tolerance for defective garments and misprints.
      • Clients must contact 10:9 Design LLC within 3 business days of receipt of order to discuss any flaws in garments or prints.
      • Client acknowledges that any claims for defective garments or misprints filed after 3 business days will not be warranted.
      • 10:9 Design LLC reserves the right to reclaim screens as needed. Once screens for an order are reclaimed, additional prints will be priced based on a new order quantity.
      • Screens will only be held if there is the possibility of a reprint after the initial order is complete. Client is responsible for communicating a possible reprint at the onset of an order.
      • Reorders must be placed within 5 business days of delivery of the first order. 10:9 Design LLC will not hold screens for more than 5 business days without a screen catalog fee of $25.00/screen.
      • Orders placed within 5 business days will be priced based on original quantity plus applicable set up fees. Set up fees are based on complexity of artwork and actual set up time and start at $10.00/design.
      • Team apparel orders may be a combination of screen printing and vinyl.
      • All individual names and numbers will be done with custom cut vinyl. We do not offer screen printed names & numbers.
      • ALL Names will be sized at 2″ Tall using Athletic Font
      • Numbers are sized at 2″ Tall for small numbers & 6″ Tall for full size numbers.
      • Other sizes available for numbers for additional fees.
      • Custom vinyl colors available for additional fees. All fees based on in-stock colors.

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    • The timeline on custom screen printing varies and is dependent on several factors.
      • Payment
      • Communication between client and 10:9 Design LLC
      • Availability of garments
      • Current work load.
    • To insure timely communication please do the following:
    • It is the goal of 10:9 Design LLC to have all custom screen printing orders completed in 6-10 business days. The following timeline is a good indication of what client can expect.
      • STEP 1: Client places order on 10-9design.com and submits artwork ideas.
      • STEP 2: 10:9 Design LLC submits an invoice for payment based on client classification.
      • STEP 3: Upon receiving payment garments are pulled and design work begins.
      • STEP 4: 10:9 Design LLC will submit proofs to client within 3 business days.
      • STEP 5: Upon client approval garments are printed and packaged for shipping within 5 business days.
    • 10:9 Design LLC will not go to press without artwork approval from the client.

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RUSH ORDERS:Orders that are due in client’s hands in fewer than 5 business days are considered rush orders.

  • 10:9 Design LLC can generally get orders out in as few as 2 days depending on current work load.
  • Fees for rush orders start at $50.00 plus expedited shipping fees.
  • Client must clearly communicate a deadline before the order is paid for. Once an order is invoiced and paid for it cannot be upgraded to a rush order.
  • 10:9 Design LLC does not warranty or guarantee rush orders against printing defects, garment defects or deadlines.
  • Rush orders are deadline driven which means we will print the order, regardless of proof approval, in order to make the clients deadline. Mistakes in client artwork WILL NOT be the responsibility of 10:9 Design LLC


Most wholesale blank garment orders that are in excess of $200 are drop-shipped directly from suppliers with free ground shipping. Some suppliers do not offer free shipping. 10:9 Design LLC will communicate shipping fees upfront as part of the estimate process so client is aware of any and all shipping fees.Return to Top