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We create an Online FundStore with your selections

You promote your FundStore to your supporters/organization through Social Media, Text or Email. 

You sit back and relax while we do all the work. 10:9 Design will process, print and prepare all of your orders for shipment or pick-up!

You get paid a commission for every item sold in your store!


*** We do not currently offer stores for “T-Shirt ideas” or “New brands”. FundStores are designed for groups, organizations or causes. ***


In most cases, NO! However, there are situations where fees may be necessary. 

  1. 10:9 Design allows up to 10 products/product variations on your FundStore without incurring build fees. FundStores that have more than 10 products/product options are dealt with on a case by case basis. The build fee is based on the final number of products/product variations that are requested.
  2. All standard FundStores have a domain that looks like this: Using your custom domain name, such as will incur additional fees. Using a custom domain name is not common, however, if you wish to set up a FundStore under your own domain, reach out and we can discuss pricing and options.

At 10:9 Design we try to keep things as simple as possible! We find that simplicity drives sales which increases YOUR profit. Pricing is very straight forward. We will provide you with a quoted “cost” of every item you want listed in your FundStore. Once you know your cost then you have the choice to add a “mark-up”, which is what your shoppers will pay. The difference between “cost” and “mark-up” is your FundStore profit and what we pay you! The “mark-up” options are below and must be applied to every product in your store.

  1. No markup – Used only when the organization is using the store to take orders.
  2. $1.00 per item sold
  3. $3.00 per item sold
  4. $5.00 per item sold
  5. Other: We can discuss your specific needs and add a custom mark-up as long as all products receive the same mark-up.

Building a FundStore takes very little time. Our store platform is very streamlined, which allows site deployment to happen very quickly. However, the process prior to building the store can take a bit of time. Every FundStore goes through the same process as building out a custom order. 

  1. We begin with having you fill out the “Request a FundStore” form. This answers all of the questions that we need to begin the process.
  2. Once we have your form, the process begins with a Quote for the products that will be listed in the FundStore. Quotes are quick but play a vital role in determining the prices listed on the FundStore. Quotes can be finalized in as little as 5 minutes or a couple of days depending on how many products you request in your FundStore.
  3. The next step is artwork proofing and mockups. We do not start on artwork until you have given approval on the quote. The process can slow down at this stage if we need to generate custom artwork. However, if you have your own artwork, then mockups can be generated quickly and sent for final approval.
  4. Once artwork is approved, we generally have your store built within 1-3 business days and you are ready to start taking orders!

The answer to this question can be a bit confusing. The simple answer is YES, there is a 24 piece minimum that must be met before any payouts on a FundStore occur. The confusion comes in when we are dealing with multiple artwork prints or decoration methods. There are a couple of examples below to help illustrate how minimums work.

  1. The 24 minimum is based on a single set up of artwork. If you request 1 piece of artwork be printed on 5 different garments, then the minimum is 24 TOTAL PRINTS. It doesn’t matter if we print 5 t-shirts and 19 hoodies. As long as the same artwork is printed 24 times, the minimum is met.
  2. In instances where multiple prints are being offered, for instance, 1 design for t-shirts and a separate design for hoodies, then each design would need to sell 24 items. The same applies to selling an item that is screen printed and an item that is embroidered. There would need to be 24 of each decoration sold.

In the event that minimums are not met, 10:9 Design LLC will determine whether the best step forward is to produce the items under minimum or refund all orders. This is not the choice of the FundStore creator. All stores that do not meet minimums will not receive a payout.

There really are no rules to how long a FundStore can be open. However, we do have recommendations and options!

We recommend all FundStores run for at least 2 weeks but no longer than 1 month. We make these recommendations for 2 reasons: 

  1. You want to give potential shoppers ample opportunity to buy from your FundStore. If your FundStore isn’t open long enough to allow for a couple of pay cycles, then potential buyers may not have the disposable income to support you.
  2. All products listed in a FundStore require 2 full weeks after the store closes for production. Stores that are open for too long have purchasers waiting for an extended period of time to receive their products.
We have options to fit every scenario though. FundStores can be open for 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, or on a rolling production schedule. If you would like your FundStore to be open for longer than 1 month, make sure you inquire about stores that operate on a rolling production schedule and we will give you all of the details.

Again with the options! 10:9 Design works hard to make order delivery easy!

When it comes to your supporters receiving their orders we offer 2 simple options.

  1. Individual orders are boxed and shipped from our facility directly to your supporter. All Shipping and Handling fees are paid at the time of the order and it does not affect your store profits.
  2. Individual orders are sorted and bagged and you distribute at your location. There are no additional fees for this option and the process is simple for you. You receive reports of store sales that aid in getting sorted orders to the correct person.


Promoting a FundStore is by far, the KEY to YOUR SUCCESS!

Once your FundStore is built, promoting it becomes the biggest hurdle. You will be provided with a link to your store but sales will only occur if your supporters know your FundStore exists. You can share your link in text, on social media, in email, through intra organization communication channels or just about anywhere that a hyperlink can be shared. You can even print it out on paper mailers if you need to. To aid in your marketing efforts, 10:9 Design can help build customized marketing materials for an added fee. We have marketing packages available that start as low as $50 that will provide you with additional material to get the best out of your FundStore. If you would like more information about marketing packages, please send an email to and we will provide all the details. 

It’s time to GET PAID! 

  • Once your store is closed and all products have been produced and RECEIVED, 10:9 Design will run reports on your store to determine payout amounts.
  • A final store report will be provided to you at no added expense.
  • Payouts generally take 2-3 weeks to process.
  • All Organizations MUST provide a signed W-9 before proceed checks will be released. 
  • Organizations that do not provide a W-9 will forfeit all FundStore proceeds.
  • Checks will only be made payable to the name listed on the W-9 form.

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